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Bread Head

Bread Head

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Greg Wade is an award-winning baker who specializes in creating unique, flavorful breads using long-fermented, hand-shaped techniques. He works at Publican Quality Bread in Chicago, where he aims to promote the use of locally-sourced, organic flours and sourdough loaves. In his book "Bread Head," he shares his expertise and guides home cooks through a range of recipes, from classic breads like Farmhouse Sourdough and Marbled Rye to more unusual bakes like Sorghum and Rosemary Ciabatta, Ethiopian Injera, Indian Parathas, and Georgian Khachapuri.

For those with a sweet tooth, he also includes recipes for Buckwheat Brownies, Wheat Brioche, and Cornmeal Whoopie Pies. By using baker's percentages and emphasizing the importance of hydration and hand-shaping, Greg aims to help readers improve their baking skills and confidence. The book also covers the science and technique behind the recipes, encouraging readers to explore the infinite possibilities of Greg's inventive creations.

One of our favorite bread books at Good Kinsmen!

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