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Lemonade Oven Gloves

Lemonade Oven Gloves

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Introducing the Lemonade Oven Gloves: A Sustainable and Safe Solution for Your Kitchen. No need to worry about burning your hands with these stylish oven gloves! Crafted from a recycled cotton blend, the Lemonade oven glove features a quilted fabric design perfect for an easy, secure grip. But that's not all - it also meets European safety standards, so you'll be in safe hands even when handling hot dishes. Plus, the golden yellow colour and lemon design look so cheerful! At 18 x 32 cm, the Lemonade oven glove fits most hand sizes. So, you can bake, cook, and serve in style, without any safety concerns. Ready to bring a bit of lemonade-y cheer to your kitchen? Add the Lemonade oven glove to your collection today!


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