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6pc Olivewood Tool Set

6pc Olivewood Tool Set

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This set of six wood utensils covers every kitchen need with style to spare. Entirely made in natural olivewood – a precious wood appreciated for its quality and striking appearance – each tool is carved, sanded and finished by hand and the handles are inlaid with the Ruffoni signature copper ring.

Don't be afraid to use these tools with your tin-lined Ruffoni! Unlike metal utensils, wooden tools do not scratch tin, making them the perfect complement for your Historia collection. When not in use, store your kitchen utensils in the Ruffoni Copper Cutlery Holder or hang them on the kitchen toolbar, showcasing their striking copper ring details.

Exact color and grain patterns will naturally vary

These Ruffoni accessories are made in natural olivewood, carved and sanded by hand to bring out the striking color variations and grain patterns of this noble material. Their beauty lies in their uniqueness – no two cutting boards are the same, just like no two homes are.

Made in Italy.

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