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8 1/2" Come-Apart Kitchen Shears, Stainless-Steel

8 1/2" Come-Apart Kitchen Shears, Stainless-Steel

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The  8 1/2" Stainless Come-Apart Kitchen Shears are destined to become one of your all-time favorite kitchen tools. As versatile as they are efficient, they’re great for everything from taking apart a whole chicken and snipping dried fruit to harvesting fresh herbs, cutting flowers and opening bottles.

The WÜSTHOF 8.5" Come-Apart Kitchen Shears are another superb example of the 200 years of WÜSTHOF craftsmanship, metallurgical science, and innovative technology. When cutting meat, poultry or fish, the come-apart design allows for thorough cleaning to maintain hygiene and eliminate cross contamination. Perfect for snipping herbs and garnishes as well as a wide range of food prep tasks, these durable stainless steel shears are also invaluable for opening packaging and bottles in the kitchen and around the house. 

WÜSTHOF 8.5" Come-Apart Kitchen Shears (Brushed Stainless Steel) Features:

  • Uses include snipping fresh herbs, cutting flowers, fins, paper, elastic net, and twine
  • Come-apart shears designed for exceptional kitchen hygiene & prevents cross-contamination  
  • Stainless steel with a sawtoothed and round cutting tool in handle
  • Overall length: 8.5"
  • Handle length 4.25"
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