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Baguette Stainless Steel Flatware Collection

Baguette Stainless Steel Flatware Collection

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Sambonet Baguette 18/10 stainless Steel  flatware in a place setting, 5 pieces

The Mirror Steel finish enhances the high quality of Sambonet steel, emphasizing shapes and design. The surfaces are polished with additives and mechanical brushes made of different materials, which smooth the stainless steel lending it a high gloss. Reflections enrich the object, make it even more precious.

 The Vintage finish uses a special craftsman finish technique on the surface of the stainless steel cutlery. Through a series of industrial scraping processes, surfaces assume an original and intentionally “worn out” effect, introducing a new and fascinating ambiance at the table and a new trend for contemporary interior design.

The monobloc knife is made as a single piece of steel. Compared to the hollow-handled knife, which consists of two parts, in the one-piece knife there are no gaps between the handle and blade. When you hold this type of knife, you get a pleasant feeling of solidity

By its simple refinement, Baguette brings to the table the elegance typical of early 900s cutlery.

Material and Styles: 

Options of Stainless Steel 18/10 or Silver Plated Stainless Steel 18/10

Options of Solid Handle or Hollow handle

Hollow handle  knife with an orfèvre hollow is typical of the finest cutlery collections. The blade is bonded to the handle by inserting a special cement paste filling that gives the knife an optimal balance. This is an artisanal process that is still carried out today entirely by hand.

5pc Set is composed by: 1 table fork, 1 table knife, 1 dessert fork, 1 dessert spoon, 1 tea spoon

  • Dishwasher suitability: Dishwasher Suitable
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