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Serving Tools - Living Collection

Serving Tools - Living Collection

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The Sambonet Living collection combines assortment, beauty, robustness and functionality. A wide range of items to easily serve any kind of food.

This Cake Server is:

  • Ideal for serving cakes, tarts and desserts directly on the table.
  • Characteristic is the slightly sharp edge that allows a simple and clean cut.

This Cake Knife is:

  • The characteristic is the long and serrated blade that allows a clean cut on pandoro, panettone and other leavened cakes.
  • Guaranteed maximum effectiveness and safety during use thanks to the sturdy handle.

This Serving Fork is: 

  • Ideal for serving your guests portions of your dishes, especially salads thanks to the four prongs that allow you to better pick up the leaves.
  • Fitted with a long handle, practical and manageable, it can be used directly at the table.

This Serving Spoon is:

  • Ideal for serving savoury dishes, such as risottos and flans, or multi-layered desserts such as tiramisu.
  • The concave, blunted cup on the side improves spoon adhesion to collect and facilitate the use of more liquid sauces or condiments.


    Cake Server: 11.75 inches
    Cake Knife: 12.5 inches
    Serving Fork: 10 inches
    Serving Spoon:  10 inches

    Materials: Made of stainless steel.

    Care: BEFORE AND AFTER EACH USE: Wash stainless steel items in hot water and neutral washing solution (detergent). Don’t use synthetic detergents containing chlorine or strong alkali cleaners. Then, dry thoroughly before storing in a dry room. Any residual of food, particularly of salt (NaCI), lemon, vinegar, tomatoes, etc. should be carefully removed to prevent corrosion. In case the items are washed in dishwashing machine, check that at the end of the washing cycle they are perferctly dry. If not, dry thoroughly by hand. Knife blades are made of martensitic stainless steel 420 and tempered, assuring long lasting cutting edges but less resistant to corrosion. Therefore, carefully wash, dry and store items, after use.

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