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Carbon Steel Griddle

Carbon Steel Griddle

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The Griddle, made from Carbon Steel, combines cast iron's heat retention with Stainless Clad's control and maneuverability, creating a natural non-stick alternative. Pre-seasoned with a mixture of coconut oil and shea nut oil, it allows you to experience the benefits of Carbon Steel right from the start. Lightweight and versatile, it can be used on both stovetops and grills, and fits over two burners for dual-zone cooking. Compatible with Electric, Gas & Induction cooktops, it is designed to replicate the best aspects of a restaurant flattop. This maximizes direct heat contact, producing crispy edges on smashburgers, fluffy hash browns, and melty grilled cheese. Hand-welded, raised handles with optional Italian leather covers make for an ergonomic carry, while the sloping sides effectively contain excess moisture and grease. Bring your favorite restaurant dishes to your own kitchen with this popular Carbon Steel Griddle.


  • Made in Sweden
  • No PFAS
  • Naturally Non Stick
  • Open Fire and Grill Compatible
  • Compatible with Gas, Electric, and Induction Cooktops
  • Lifetime Warranty
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