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Classic Ikon - 5" Santoku Hollow Edge

Classic Ikon - 5" Santoku Hollow Edge

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The Santoku, like a Chef's knife in European kitchens, is a versatile tool used in Japan and throughout Asia. With its unique shape, weight, and edge, it excels at mincing and chopping herbs, vegetables, and fruit, as well as preparing fish and meat. The sharp blade of the Santoku allows for precise cuts, making it an essential tool in kitchens worldwide.

  • Handle
    • Length: 4.2 Inches
    • Synthetic Handle, Riveted
  • Blade
    • Length: 5.5 Inches
    • Width: 1.6 Inches
    • Rockwell Hardness: 58 HRC
    • Forged
  • Made in Germany
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