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Copper Saucepan - 1.9 QT

Copper Saucepan - 1.9 QT

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Copper is unmatched in its ability to conduct heat, its quick response time, and its natural elegance - making it the top choice for cookware. In fact, it is favored by the world's finest restaurants for its precise control and exceptional performance. Our Copper Rondeau, made in France and featuring a modernized Stainless Steel interior, is a game changer. Unlike traditional tin linings, the durable Stainless Steel can withstand high temperatures without requiring periodic retinning. With Copper's superior conductivity, this Rondeau excels in all culinary tasks, from delicate rice to tricky sugarwork. Whether you prefer a shiny new appearance or a well-seasoned patina, the Copper Rondeau adds both functionality and romance to any kitchen. Experience a new level of cooking with Copper.


  • Oven Safe Up to 800F
  • Cladded for Conductivity
  • 90% Copper, 10% Stainless Steel
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