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Baguette Silver Plated Flatware Collection

Baguette Silver Plated Flatware Collection

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 Silver Plated Stainless Steel 18/10 Baguette Flatware by Samonet made completely in Italy and with its long tradition of excellence, Sambonet’s silver plated sets are some of the most sought after flatware sets in today’s luxury sector.

Made from stainless steel and then coated, the silver plated finish is the perfect touch for an elegant dining table that can’t help but be one of the focal points of the evening. The brilliance of the silver flatware tastefully sits alongside fine china and crystal wine glasses. Every table adorned with silver flatware is embellished in an extraordinary way

Sambonet’s silver finish is more than two times harder and more durable than silver plated items made using traditional silverplating techniques. 

Mirror-effect finish enhances the high quality of Sambonet steel, emphasizing shapes and design. The surfaces are polished with additives and mechanical brushes made of different materials, which smooth the stainless steel lending it a high gloss. Reflections enrich the object, make it even more precious.

By its simple refinement, Baguette brings to the table the elegance typical of early 900s cutlery.

Material and Styles: 

Silver Plated Stainless Steel 18/10

Options of Solid Handle or Hollow handle

Hollow handle  knife with an orfèvre hollow is typical of the finest cutlery collections. The blade is bonded to the handle by inserting a special cement paste filling that gives the knife an optimal balance. This is an artisanal process that is still carried out today entirely by hand.

5pc Set is composed by: 1 table fork, 1 table knife, 1 dessert fork, 1 dessert spoon, 1 tea spoon

And to top it off, the individual care taken to ensure each item is made well and without defects is a unique service, provided by Sambonet, to guarantee customer satisfaction

  • Handwash Suggested in warm water and mild dish detergents work just fine
  • It is important to mention that when cleaning silverplated flatware, utmost care and specific use of cleaning products is highly recommended. . Rough sponges and steel wool permanently damage silver finish and should be avoided.
  • Regular manual polishing will keep your silver looking bright.

This item is a special order, please allow time extra time for delivery. 

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