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Good Kinsmen



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Various shapes all ensuring both the perfect oxygenation of young red and white wines and the separation from sediments formed during the aging of mature wines. Each carafe and decanter is designed with special attention given to shape and size since every wine expresses itself in relation to the oxygenation surface and volume below. Designed to hold 0,75 L or 1,5 L of wine with the right amount of oxygenation area. The length of the neck and neck diameter have been designed to keep wine evaporation to a minimum and prevent dispersion of important aromas during wine tasting in stemglasses. Some Carafes and Decanters have a new revolutionary treatment to prevent dripping ANTI-DRIP coating , others have a beveled finish that ensures a constant flow of wine when pouring it.

Product Details:

  • Measures 8.7”DIA X 11.4”H
  • 25.25 oz wine decanter sold a single piece
  • Hand Made & Dishwasher Safe - Mouth-blown, hand made products exclusive to Luigi Bormioli
  • Anti-Drip coating - Revolutionary treatment that prevents dripping
  • Fine, reinforced and laser cut rims
  • Multi-purpose: wine, water, juice
  • Wide mouth allows adding ice cubes and fruit chunks into its liquid content
  • Innovative, elegant and functional design
  • Made in Europe
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