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DuoBase™ Bench Stone Base Accessory with MagnaBase™ Adapter

DuoBase™ Bench Stone Base Accessory with MagnaBase™ Adapter

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This accessory, DuoBase Bench Stone Base with MagnaBase Adapter, is compatible with all DuoSharp® and Dia-Sharp® Bench Stones, as well as any 6" x 2" Diamond Whetstone™. It is designed with 2" knuckle clearance for convenient use and includes a MagnaBase Adapter™ for accommodating Dia-Sharp bench stones. Rubber feet secure the base and stone to a work bench or counter, and a handle on the underside allows for easy movement over larger work pieces when used with DuoSharp bench stones. Note: do not use this feature with Dia-Sharp bench stones. With durable construction, this versatile accessory will provide reliable service and consistent performance for years to come. Professionals in various industries, including woodworkers and chefs, trust the superior quality and versatility of DMT® products for their tool maintenance needs. Made in the USA.

  • A 'must have' accessory for any DuoSharp® and Dia-Sharp® bench stones, and any 6" x 2" Diamond Whetstone™.
  • Easy snap-in clips to fit DuoSharp® bench stones or MagnaBase Adapter™ for Dia-Sharp® bench stones
  • Provides 2" knuckle clearance for ease of use.
  • Features convenient handle on underside for moving stone over large work piece with the DuoSharp bench stone.
  • Durable construction will provide years of consistent performance and reliable service
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