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Finex 10 Inch Cast Iron Grill Pan

Finex 10 Inch Cast Iron Grill Pan

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Perfect cast iron grilling results—indoors and out. Best used with any heat source. True BBQ-width grill ribs give you the best cross-hatch grill marks whether on the stove, grill or over the coals. Great for steaks, chops and salmon—it was made for the reverse seared steak technique. 1/4" Tall Ribs deliver serious sear lines while creating excess space for fats and juices to drain away. Ensuring that you're grilling, not frying or boiling your food. 


Cast Iron

300 Series Stainless rod stock


18.25" L x 11.8" W x 3" H

Use and Care:

FINEX cookware comes pre-seasoned to a golden bronze that’s ready to go right out of the box.

The first few times you cook, we recommend using a bit more oil than usual to start building up the seasoning. Bacon is our personal favorite for new pans. Hold off on cooking acidic foods for your first few uses - once the seasoning builds up, your cookware will handle any food with ease

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