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Flattening Stone

Flattening Stone

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In order to maintain optimal performance, it is important to flatten your water stones. This 220 grit Naniwa Flattening Stone is specifically designed to work with Naniwa Water Stones, but it has been found to be effective on any waterstone. Before use, soak the flattening stone and the water stone, as needed. Place the water stone on a work surface or hold it in your hand, then use the Naniwa Flattening Stone to rub it until it is perfectly flat. The stone measures 170mm x 55mm x 30mm, which is roughly equivalent to 6-11/16" x 2-3/16" x 1-1/8" in inches. With a grit of 220, it is an excellent tool for maintaining a wide variety of water stones.


Made in Japan.

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