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Ginsan Nashiji - Gyuto - 210mm

Ginsan Nashiji - Gyuto - 210mm

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The Ginsan Nashiji Series is a perfect example of Japanese design philosophy "Shibui", a balance of simplicity and complexity. Adorned with a Nashiji ( pear skin ) finish with the 3-layer blade with a Ginsan (silver-3) core that is thin, strong and precise. The octagonal Oak handle provides a comfortable grip. 

Ginsan (also known as Gin3 or Silver #3) is a type of stainless carbon steel containing 14% chromium. It retains the characteristics of Japanese carbon steel and has a hardness comparable to Shirogami #2, but with the added benefit of being stainless. While its edge retention is only slightly less than that of Shirogami #2, Ginsan is easier to sharpen and maintain. This makes it an excellent choice for those who desire the qualities of a Japanese carbon steel knife with the added convenience of low maintenance. 

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