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Ginsan Nashiji - Nakiri - 165mm

Ginsan Nashiji - Nakiri - 165mm

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The Ginsan Nashiji Series is a perfect example of Japanese design philosophy "Shibui", a balance of simplicity and complexity. Adorned with a Nashiji ( pear skin ) finish with the 3-layer blade with a Ginsan (silver-3) core that is thin, strong and precise. The octagonal Oak handle provides a comfortable grip. 

Ginsan (also known as Gin3 or Silver #3) is a type of stainless carbon steel containing 14% chromium. It retains the characteristics of Japanese carbon steel and has a hardness comparable to Shirogami #2, but with the added benefit of being stainless. While its edge retention is only slightly less than that of Shirogami #2, Ginsan is easier to sharpen and maintain. This makes it an excellent choice for those who desire the qualities of a Japanese carbon steel knife with the added convenience of low maintenance. 

"These might be the sharpest knives we have in the store. Ginsan takes an extremely fine edge. It doesn't sharpen as quickly as a carbon steel, but has a very similar sharpening feel to carbon steels."- Sean @ Good Kinsmen 

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