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Gravy Separator

Gravy Separator

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For the tastiest, smoothest gravy ever, use this innovative separator to de-fat drippings. Ingeniously designed with borosilicate glass, this separator features a low-down spout that lets you pour off the juices - and only the juices, once the fat rises to the top. Built with a lift-off stainless steel strainer that sits over the mouth, it will also catch burned bits as you pour off the drippings. Marked with both cup and ounce measurements, following gravy recipes is quick and easy.

Materials and Use:

    • Borosilicate glass/ stainless steel sieve
    • 34 fl. oz.
    • 6.2" x 4.3" diameter
    • Heat-resistant
    • Holds 4 cups
    • Dishwasher safe

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