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Handmade Glamorous Liquer Glass 8.3oz - Set of 2 (Copy)

Handmade Glamorous Liquer Glass 8.3oz - Set of 2 (Copy)

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Elaborately polished and refined, our handmade glasses exude luxury, making them the ideal choice for any special occasion. Designed with extravagant shapes, a black stem, and a striking cut, the GLAMOROUS series pays homage to the elegance of 1920s and Art Déco design. These glasses are the epitome of style, elevating exquisite menus and unforgettable moments. Zwiesel Glass: The sound of hospitality. For over 150 years, Zwiesel Glass has been deeply rooted in the traditional craft of Bavarian glassmaking. Our products are coveted by the most discerning guests and finest hosts in the world. Every moment is transformed into an exceptional occasion with Zwiesel Glass - whether at home or in a restaurant, alone or in the company of others. Our brand is renowned for its unique sound when toasting with our exclusive Tritan® crystal glasses, setting us apart from any other brand. Our brand statement, "For Those Who Care," reflects our commitment to providing unparalleled quality


Tritan® Crystal Glass
Brilliant Clarity
Break Resistant
Dishwasher Safe

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