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Hardwood Spoonula

Hardwood Spoonula

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When tasked with creating a utensil for making food, The Riley/Land Collection faced various obstacles and setbacks due to the lack of a universal fufu utensil design. After experimenting with different designs, they eventually came up with two wooden utensils, the spoonula and the large spoonula, which proved to be effective.

To accommodate the unique characteristics of fufu, which requires substantial torque during stirring and involves hot ingredients, The Riley/Land Collection designed the utensils to have an extended length of 17 inches. This added length helps users keep a safe distance from the heat while stirring and allows for a better grip and increased leverage.

In addition, the rounded backside of the handle ensures a comfortable grip, even when mixing for extended periods. Overall, The Riley/Land Collection's wooden utensils are perfect for making fufu and can make the process more efficient and comfortable.


Tennessee Hardwoods


14″ x 2.5″ x 0.3″

Use and Care:

Coated with Mineral Oil and Beeswax 

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