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Hawthorne Strainer Solid Copper

Hawthorne Strainer Solid Copper

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he first Hawthorne Strainer on the market made right here, in the USA!

Not only that, we have not just our classic stainless steel version. We've also created 100% Brass and Copper versions. That's right, no plating, we're using full brass and copper bodies combined with our custom stainless steel coils. As far as we know, these are the only ones like this around. Treat yourself!

Traditionally used for straining pulp and ice out of shaken cocktails, the Hawthorne strainer is a versatile tool that works just as well for stirred cocktails as shaken ones.

Why will you want one of our versions for your own bar?

Here are some details we think you’ll appreciate:

-Shorter, low profile design, so it’s easy to maneuver, and not too bulky

-A hole in the handle is perfect for hanging up while resting between cocktails (or when resting between shifts)

-An extra dense coil for straining. Trust us, you won’t go back to the cheaper versions.

-A nice wider body to fit on top of any mixing glass or shaker tin on the market without having to worry about side leakage, or—worse yet, dropping the strainer into the glass or tin


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