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Glass heart-shaped plates and bowls make for decadent dessert or hors d’oeuvres plates, jewelry holders or home décor accents. A heartfelt gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, thank you’s, bridesmaids…the possibilities are endless!

A Passion for Glass

Since 1983, Annie Morhauser and her team of master glassmakers have been handcrafting exquisite glass tableware, home décor, and sculpture with passion and precision.

Materials and Dimensions

8" Ruffle Heart Bowl Platinum

6.5" Mod Heart Plate Gold

7" Butterfly Heart Plate Gold

8" Heart Bowl Gold

8" Sweetheart Bowl Gold

5" Zebra Heart Bowl Platinum

5" Heart Bowl Platinum

5" Heart Bowl Gold

Care and Use

Is Annieglass dishwasher safe?

Almost every* piece of Annieglass is dishwasher safe when used with a mild detergent, including our 24k-gold and genuine-platinum pieces. Annieglass takes its shape in a fiery kiln, draped over a ceramic mold at melting temperature which permanently fuses the precious metals into the glass, assuring a tarnish-free and chip-resistant product of the utmost quality that is dishwasher safe.

*The only exceptions to Annieglass’ dishwasher safety promise are the pedestal cake stands, large Limited Editions pieces, Edgey with fused or glued pieces, all glued pieces. All Annieglass pieces are labeled with a sticker that reads “Dishwasher Safe” or “Hand Wash Only” as an extra reminder. Annieglass is dishwasher safe when used with a mild detergent. Dry with a soft cloth to guard against hard water and mineral deposits.

Avoid any sort of polishing compound or abrasive cleaners for silver, gold or brass on precious metal rim.

Are the Annieglass pieces with the precious-metal rim food safe?

Absolutely! The innovative kiln-slumping process actually fuses the precious metals into the glass, resulting in chip-resistant dinnerware and serving pieces that are 100% food safe, dishwasher safe…and yes, beautiful to admire.

Can Annieglass go in the oven or microwave?

No. Annieglass is not recommended for oven or microwave use, although it is dishwasher safe when used with a mild detergent.

What type of glass is Annieglass made from?

Annieglass is made from architectural window glass, ensuring its durability and chip-resistance. 

What does "sustainably made" mean?

Having been involved in the first Earth Day as a teenager in 1970, environmental responsibility has always been important to Annie. A novel compilation of thoughtful sustainability measures are taken throughout the handcrafted glassmaking process at Annieglass. The Annieglass warehouse uses an abundant amount of skylights and low-wattage energy-efficient lighting, and a special reflective roof keeps the space well insulated to avoid the need for air conditioning. The glass-cleaning machine circulates and reuses water and glass is cleaned with non-toxic vinegar. Creative kiln firing times ensure energy efficiency during the trademark “slumping” of glass. When possible scrap glass is reused, and earth-friendly, biodegradable packing materials made of sorghum and potato starch deliver the final luxury product to customers.

The gold and platinum looks like it has split apart on my piece. Is this a defect?

No. During the kiln firing process, as the glass heats up, it stretches and slumps to take the shape of the handmade ceramic mold. Since gold and platinum are precious metals, they do not stretch like the glass and may pull apart, creating a crackled effect on the finished glassware. This is one of the reasons that each piece of Annieglass is unique, and speaks to Annie’s belief in the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi—in which asymmetry and “imperfection” are viewed as beautiful. Once the glassware is removed from the kiln the precious metals are set and fused into the glass, meaning the metals will not peel off or continue to pull apart for the duration of the glassware’s lifetime.



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