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Intermezzo Gold - Champagne (Set of 2)

Intermezzo Gold - Champagne (Set of 2)

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Intermezzo Gold is an extravagant delight, a mysterious tear-shaped design sealed into its glass, signaling the start of a celebration. In 1984, Erika Lagerbielke created Intermezzo, an iconic blueprint for blue dinnerware. To honor both Erika’s 40-year history at Orrefors and the brand’s 125th anniversary, an opulent golden edition of Intermezzo was crafted: a festive elegance cascading from Orrefors' most memorable collection. Delicately crafted to hold 7 oz, this champagne glass is perfect for sparklers such as Champagne, Prosecco, and Cava, its slender stem keeping each sip as effervescent and vibrant as the last.


• Mouth-Blown in Sweden

  • H: 9.875
  • W: 2.625
  • 7.0 oz.
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