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Kitchen Essentials Spice Set

Kitchen Essentials Spice Set

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Kitchen Essentials Spice Set

12 Premium Single Origin Spices essential for every kitchen.

From simple and comforting, family heirloom recipes, and expanding culinary adventures, this set offers a great foundation to build upon.

Pair the set with The Spice Companion: A Guide to the World of Spices or Mastering Spice to inspire a new generation of favorite dishes with recipes and techniques to transform the way you cook.

The Collection includes:

  • Basil  A slightly sweet and peppery herb. When dried, basil imparts a fresh mint flavor that works best in sauces, braises and vinaigrettes.
  • Garlic (granulated) - All the flavor of garlic in an easy pinch. Savory-sweet garlic is coarsely ground for rich texture and intense flavor.
  • Ginger  Bright and lemony with a peppery finish. Mellower than the fresh version, ground ginger is key in Five Spice and Chai Masala. Use it in place of fresh ginger in a pinch.
  • Cumin (ground) - All the nutty richness of cumin seeds in pre-ground form. Ground cumin brings bold, meaty flavor to roasted carrots, grilled steak tacos, or masala cheese toast.
  • Onion (granulated)  Effortlessly onion-y. The drying process gives our granulated onion a toasty richness and mild sweetness that’s good in just about everything.
  • Paprika - Rich color, richer flavor. Paprika's sweet scent and warmth infuse dishes with the depth of ripe peppers.
  • Peperoncini  Elevate your chili flakes. Seedless Calabrian peperoncini bring deep chili flavor and a bright citrus finish to the classic Italian spice.
  • Rosemary - herbaceous with flavors of pine, sage, and lemon. Great for roasting, marinating and infusing, rosemary elevates classics from black pepper biscuits to roasted chicken.
  • Tellicherry Black Pepper  Citrus notes and a bit of sweetness give Tellicherry more richness and complexity to elevate everyday cooking.
  • Thyme  Thyme's herbal, woodsy flavor strikes notes of oregano and rosemary. Great for whole roasted chicken, grilled kebabs, and classic herb dressing.
  • Turmeric  With its uniquely deep color, well-rounded Alleppey turmeric infuses dishes with a hint of ginger, earthy notes, and a golden glow.
  • Vietnamese Cinnamon  Intensely sweet with a hint of heat. Vietnamese cinnamon is known for its rich, bold flavor and enticing aroma--perfect for sweet and savory dishes alike.
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  • A total of 12 jars.mmk
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