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Lean Grill 15 in

Lean Grill 15 in

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Attain the pinnacle of cast iron grilling perfection, indoors or out, with our Grill Pan collection. With the tallest grill ribs in the game, spaced wide to allow moisture and excess fat to escape, our grill pans deliver honest grilling: the ideal mix of seared-in grill marks and dry radiant heat. Plus, our machining, polishing and organic flaxseed preseasoning all work to keep food from sticking, and make cleanup much easier.

Not only does it shine on the grill and over open flames, but our grill pans seamlessly adapt to gas, electric, induction, and oven cooking. With a high-performance pedigree, 100% made-in-USA craftsmanship, and our “Good Forever” guarantee, they’re constructed to deliver and crafted to last for generations to come.

Like all FINEX cookware, our grill pans are entirely free of PFAS, PTE, PTFE, PFOS, Teflon, or any other toxic or questionable chemical coatings. Cook with confidence: it’s all part of our Good Forever Guarantee.

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