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Lion Head Soup Tureen 91oz

Lion Head Soup Tureen 91oz

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This elegant porcelain soup bowl reflects a design that has graced tables for centuries. Because it's crafted from porcelain, the bowl holds heat exceptionally well, keeping soup at the proper temperature. Made of high-fired porcelain. Microwavable; oven, freezer and dishwasher safe. Made by Apilco, France's premier producer of restaurant-quality porcelain products. Commercial Grade: Thoughtfully designed and expertly engineered to meet rigorous standards and best practices from select commercial testing. Experience the luxury of timeless design with this porcelain soup bowl. Crafted with the highest quality porcelain, it boasts exceptional heat retention to keep your soup warm until the very last spoonful. Indulge in premium materials and unmatched functionality with this Apilco creation, a French brand renowned for its fine porcelain products. Trust in our commercial-grade standards and expert engineering for a dining experience unlike any other.

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