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MINERAL B Carbon Steel Omelette Pan

MINERAL B Carbon Steel Omelette Pan

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  • The Mineral B Omelette Pan is made of carbon steel - 99% iron and 1% carbon, the most natural cooking material praised by Chefs around the world. Lighter than cast iron and more heat conductive than stainless steel, this omelette pan becomes naturally non-stick after seasoning, without any chemicals or synthetic coating, and gets better the more you use it. While it has various uses, this omelette pan will have you craving a French omelette for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    Body: Iron 99%, Carbon 1%
    Handle: Epoxy Coated Steel Handle
    Finish: Beeswax Coating
    Handle Fixing: Riveted

    Seasoning Required: YES
    Heat Source: Gas, Induction, Electric


    *Flash Use - Less than 400℉ and less than 10 minutes
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