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Napkins - Ombres Des Cerisiers Naturel (Set of 4)

Napkins - Ombres Des Cerisiers Naturel (Set of 4)

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Ombres Des Cerisiers Naturel Napkin, 100% Linen is available to buy in increments of 4
French napkin with lively pink and green colors.

Cherry blossoms are known in Japan as the emblem of love, and in France, especially at the Parc du Domaine des Sceaux they are the reason for a classic springtime outing. People gather at the park to celebrate, harami, or flower viewing. This exquisite linen representation of the most powerful emotion in the world is an excuse to leave it on all year long starting on Valentine's day.

Made in Portugal
100% Linen
pre-washed, 4 hems of 15mm

This fabric made from 100% Linen lays nicely on the table with its effortless look.
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