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Luigi Bormioli

Optima 25.25 Oz Acqua/Water Bottle

Optima 25.25 Oz Acqua/Water Bottle

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The Optima series is designed to accommodate an assortment of needs, from water and wine to oils, bitters, juices, milk, and vinegars. Each piece has an ergonomic rim for stable pouring and easy filling, while their registered design elevates the appearance and perceived quality of the contents.

Product Detail:

  • Measures 3.2”DIA X 10.2”H
  • 25.25 oz Water bottle sold as single piece with or without glass stopper
  • Glass stopper is airtight, with silicon O-rings, BPA free
  • Perfect storing and serving solution for wide range of essential oils and wide range of liquids
  • Safe edge rim
  • DESIGN BOTTLES: Add value to the specific content enhancing the perceived quality
  • Easy to fill, easy to pour
  • GAUGE MARK: The Bottle has a gauge marks 0.75L Acqua
  • Eco-Friendly, Reusable over time
  • Made in Italy
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