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Pierre Poivre Number 7 Grand Jar

Pierre Poivre Number 7 Grand Jar

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Our larger size version of our most popular blend.

Pierre Poivre N.7 is our premiere pepper blend. It’s tangy, sweet, and sour, with floral notes to enhance anything from wild game and grilled steaks to thick-cut vegetables.

This larger version is packaged in a handsome glass jar, perfect for your countertop. It's the equivalent of 4 jars of our regular size Pierre Poivre.

Ingredients in Pierre Poivre N.7

  • 8 peppers

  • and spices

How to Use Pierre Poivre N.7

This peppery spice mix is so versatile. Try sprinkling it on chicken before grilling, combine it with a bit of lemon zest and rub it on salmon, or slather it over a flank steak and slice thin for a superb carne asada street taco.

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  • 9 oz. by weight
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