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Pillivuyt Round Tart Dishes

Pillivuyt Round Tart Dishes

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Pillivuyt excels in making the classic French cooking tools and these tart pans are a fine example of this. With graceful, fluted edges and a brilliant impermeable glaze, these are dishes in which you can present your creations directly to your guests or family at the table. The walls of these dishes, as in all Pillivuyt items, are exceptionally even and not too thick, so the heat conduction is even and efficient. This creates an evenly cooked and browned crust that will slide easily out of the pan when you are ready to serve it.

Material: Porcelain

Made in France

Made from materials sourced in France and greater Europe, each dish is crafted with care and fired at 2550 degrees Fahrenheit resulting in porcelain that is of the highest quality.


Pillivuyt's extraordinarily hard glaze is resistant to chipping, scratching, cracking and crazing and can be used safely in the oven (up to 550 degrees F), freezer, microwave and dishwasher.

Pillivuyt porcelain is thermal-shock resistant and can be safely transferred from the freezer to a hot oven.

When it's time for clean-up, a simple soak and scrub will do the trick.


11" diameter
9.25" diameter
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