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S2 Advance Super Stone

S2 Advance Super Stone

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Previously known as the The Naniwa Super Stone, this stone has gained a reputation for being hard-wearing and easy to use. It is splash-and-go, allowing for a quick and efficient sharpening process. Its unbeatable polished edge on steel has made it a favorite among sharpeners. Additionally, its user-friendly nature and great value have further solidified its popularity.

 The S2 Advance Super Stones are 20mm thick. S2 Advance Super Stones are 210mm long and 70mm wide (about 8-1/4" x 2-3/4").

Naniwa's S2 Advance Super Stones feature resin bonding, providing them with unique traits. These Splash and Go stones do not require any prior soaking, simply splash some water on top and they are ready to use. Their durable resin bond means they don't wear down as quickly as other water stones, requiring less flattening and resulting in a higher concentration of abrasive particles for speedy sharpening.

"The Super Stone line ticks all the boxes for me in a Splash and Go stone. These stones cut super fast and take a long time to dish out. I really like the finer grits in this line for my finish sharpening jobs. The 5000 does a nice job for kasumi style finishes on single bevels. The fine stones are still hard. When you go up in grit, usually the stones get softer. These Naniwas, especially the 2000, just have a great feel. These stones are thick so you will have them for a very long time vs most other Japanese stones." - Sean @ Good Kinsmen 

Customize your sharpening tool kit with just the right combination of stones:

  • 220 Extra Coarse Grit - Tan
    Recommended for establishing a new bevel angle or for extremely dull or damaged blades.
  • 400 Coarse Grit - Green
    A great coarse stone for edges that are not damaged or allowed to get extremely dull between sharpenings.
  • 1000 Medium Grit - Blue
    An excellent follow up to a 220 or 400 stone or as a starting stone for not very dull edges. Very popular choice as a workhorse stone.
  • 2000 Fine Grit - Yellow
    Primarily used as an intermediate stone before finer grits, or as a finish grit for a toothy edge on knives.
  • 5000 Very Fine Grit - Light Blue
    A popular final grit for knives that also works very well in progression between the 1000 and the 10,000 or 12,000 stones.
  • 8000 Extremely Fine Grit - Light Yellow
    A popular final stone for woodworking tools or for smooth cutting knives.
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