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Sourdough by Science by Karyn Lynn Newman

Sourdough by Science by Karyn Lynn Newman

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Unlock the secrets of delicious sourdough bread with the power of flour, water, yeast, and science!

The process of turning a handful of ingredients into a mouthwatering sourdough loaf is truly awe-inspiring. Within your mixing bowl and oven, a world of intricate chemical and biological reactions unfolds, driven by wild yeast, bacteria, and the natural components of flour such as sugars, enzymes, and proteins. But fear not, creating a fantastic sourdough bread doesn't have to be complex or overwhelming. The key lies in understanding the science behind these processes. In the enlightening book Sourdough by Science, molecular biologist Karyn Newman equips you with a solid foundation for sourdough success. She expertly describes the molecular-scale phenomena at play and offers a strategy to optimize your baking outcomes through experimentation and learning. Alongside this valuable knowledge, you'll find an array of delectable, achievable, and reliable recipes that will guide you from a Rustic Boule to Wild Challah to Hazelnut Buns, unveiling the hows and whys of bread making throughout the journey.

Sourdough by Science addresses a multitude of burning sourdough questions. What exactly is a sourdough starter? How do different flours influence the final product? When is the ideal time to incorporate salt into the dough? How does the crust achieve its irresistible crispness and crackle? These mysteries and more are unraveled within the pages of this book, empowering readers to develop a deep understanding and intuition for sourdough bread making. Furthermore, a comprehensive troubleshooting guide ensures that any obstacles encountered along the way can be swiftly overcome. Complete with helpful resources and step-by-step photos, this essential book will enhance your expertise and set you on a path to bread-baking mastery.

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