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Natural Leather Strop

Natural Leather Strop

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The Naniwa strop is unlike any other, as it boasts a top-notch leather finish and precise fit. It also sets itself apart with unique features not commonly found on other strops. Instead of a single leather piece attached to a hard backing, the Naniwa utilizes a 2mm cushion layer between the leather and wood base, providing a soft, springy motion when stropping. This is ideal for sharpeners who prefer a bit of flexibility, especially for convex bevels. By adjusting the pressure while stropping, the leather can curve to match the bevel. Additionally, the strop has a non-slip bottom, eliminating the frustrating issue of items sliding around while in use. Sized similarly to Naniwa's Traditional, Super, and Professional stones, the Naniwa strop measures 8 1/4" x 2 3/4" x 7/8" (210mm x 70mm x 24mm). This size is


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