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Swiss Diamond

Swiss Diamond XD 17" x 11" Nonstick Double-Burner Griddle

Swiss Diamond XD 17" x 11" Nonstick Double-Burner Griddle

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Fried eggs, pancakes and sausage all have one thing in common; they can be extremely messy to clean up. The Swiss Diamond Nonstick Double-Burner Griddle puts an end to the scrubbing, soaking and cleaning that comes with making breakfast foods. With its new, state-of-the-art Swiss Diamond XD nonstick coating, this double-burner griddle allows more room to cook your favorites from not only breakfast but lunch and dinner as well without the hassle of an electric griddle.

Now containing 20% more diamonds than the previous Swiss Diamond HD coating, this Nonstick Double-Burner Griddle is rivet-free for maximum protection against bacteria build-up. The increase in diamonds create a surface with food-release properties like never before, providing years of trouble-free cooking and easy clean-up. Simply wash off with warm water and a soft soapy sponge, and your pan is just like new. Additionally, the extra thick, 100% recycled cast aluminum body features a perfectly flat base that will not warp.

Swiss Diamond XD enhances this pan by improving the seal between the cooking surface of the pan and base, creating a tougher, more corrosion-resistant layer. Heat will spread evenly over the entire 17" x 11" cooking surface with no hot spots. Looking for a premium quality baking sheet to add to your kitchen collection? No need to buy an extra when you have this pan. It doubles as a superior quality baking sheet, allowing you to finish those drop biscuits or sugar cookies in the oven up to 500°F (260°C), and they will slide right off when cooled. Made in Switzerland.

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