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Vinturi Acrylic Wine Aerator for Red Wines

Vinturi Acrylic Wine Aerator for Red Wines

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Unlock the full potential of your red wine with the luxurious Vinturi Acrylic Wine Aerator. This sophisticated aerator enhances the bouquet, flavors, and finish of your wine in the time it takes to pour a glass - a notable difference from traditional decanters. Using patented technology, the Vinturi Aerator increases the wine's velocity while reducing its pressure, allowing for the perfect amount of air to mix and aerate the wine. As you pour, listen for the distinctive sound that confirms you have an authentic Vinturi Aerator. Crafted from specially-formulated acrylic, this aerator's unibody design and unique aeration passage effectively open and develop all red wines. The included filter screen ensures your wine remains free from any unwanted cork bits or sediment. Cleanup is a breeze with a quick sink rinse or by placing the aerator in the dishwasher. The no-drip base also doubles as a convenient storage option. For any wine lover, the Vinturi Acrylic Wine


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