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Water Purifier - Glass Water Pitcher

Water Purifier - Glass Water Pitcher

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The Aarke Purifier is a patented water filter pitcher. It is principally made from high-quality glass and stainless steel, making it not only stylish and sophisticated but also hygienic and durable. A detachable silicone bumper is included, to help protect the glass carafe from bumps and scratches.

Materials and Dimensions:
• Glass carafe
• Stainless steel filter system with food grade silicone gaskets
• Stainless steel lid with a filter-change indicator in BPA-free
• Stainless steel filter cartridge
• Food grade silicone bumper

H: 10.8 in W: 6.7 in ⌀: 4.7 in

Total capacity (carafe): 10 cups (2,36 L)

Weight: 4.4 g

Compatibility: Pure Filter Granules, Enriched Filter Granules

Filtered water capacity: 5 cups (1,18 L)

Filter change indicator:  Manual

Filter performance: Up to 31,7 gallons (120 L) or up to 8 weeks

Filtration time: 3-5 minutes per litre (or per 4 cups)

Filter granules change interval (per bag): 4-8 weeks

Manufactured in: China


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