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Whiskey Tasting Set

Whiskey Tasting Set

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The Peugeot whiskey glass will heighten your drinking pleasure.  The specially shaped glass reveals the qualities and subtleties of whiskey, cognac, scotch, brandy, Armagnacs and more while cutting down on the alcohol vapors. It comes paired with a metal chilling base and coaster.  No Ice needed. 

Materials and Dimension:

Whiskey Glass 13 oz -- 4 inches high

Chilling base and Coaster

Care and Use:

Keep the chilling base in the freezer for a few hours until frozen then place on the coaster to prevent condensation rings.  Set the glass over the base and pour the spirits without covering the dome.  Wait 2-3 minutes and the whiskey is at the perfect temperature to be savored and not watered down. 




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