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Wide BBQ Spatual with Solid Olive Wood Handle

Wide BBQ Spatual with Solid Olive Wood Handle

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The stainless steel Wide Grill Spatula with a long wooden handle is perfect for grilling or cooking large amounts of food. Its sturdy, wide head and angled handle make it easy to flip and transfer various types of food like steaks, fries, burgers, and even deep dishes like lasagna. Additionally, its length allows you to work comfortably on the BBQ without getting too close to the heat.

The spatula features a natural, untreated Italian olive wood handle from Tuscany, adding an elegant and timeless touch. Unlike painted handles, the wood will change color over time with use, making each spatula unique.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and quality, this grilling spatula showcases the exceptional craftsmanship of Italian bladesmithing.

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